Cardian BCT Trima Accel Blood Collection System

Price: $22,750.00
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CARIDIAN (Terumo) BCT Trima Accel Blood collection system- Version 6.0 - Used unit, excellent condition. Some minor paint blemishes on display bezel.
-Simple, easy to use and quick to setup
-25-40% shorter procedure times than comparable apheresis devices
-Single-needle procedures for a more comfortable donation experience
-Units fully refurbished and checked out by our biomedical engineers
-Includes operators manuals
-2 year warranty included
-Can ship globally
-Latest software ver. 6.0

Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System Version 6 
The Trima Accel system includes the Trima Accel device, software, the tubing set and solutions to complete the chosen collection type. The system uses a centrifuge to separate whole blood into its components: platelets, plasma and red blood cells (RBCs). The Trima Accel system then collects the components based on customer-configured priorities and the donors physiology and blood count. Streamline operations with Auto RBC: 
■ Automated, in-line leukoreduction of RBCs during collection for efficient operations ▫ Allows target of actual transfusable doses, including smaller doses 
■ Automated addition of storage solution through filters maximizes RBC recovery Qualify more donors for more products:1 Safely increase the rate of donor qualification using sophisticated configuration options that may allow donors to give more products without overdrawing, with controls that help ensure comfort for donors. 
■ Target a lower RBC dose without impacting the final product 
■ May increase RBC donor base 
■ Collect only the desired RBC blood types from the right donors 
■ Lower donor residual losses and enable frequent plasma donation with the benefit of saline- and plasmaassisted rinseback Enhance productivity with versatile platelet product configurations: 
■ Ability to qualify a greater number of donors and collect more platelets with 10 platelet configuration options and 20 automated procedure priorities
■ Modified split rate (up to 7 percent more products per procedure)1,2 Optimize plasma collections: 
■ Enable frequent plasma collections through salineassisted rinseback 
■ Ability to qualify additional donors for more frequent donations with reduced RBC loss 
■ Achieve more accurate loss tracking with on-screen reporting of residual plasma and RBC loss 
■ Support existing blood center mitigation strategies to reduce patient plasma exposure Air reduction mitigation (ARM): ARM is a new donor safety enhancement added to the Trima Accel system with V6. This feature redirects air from the product bag and tubing set into the vent bag, rather than pushing air out through the needle line. ARM occurs during the tubing set loading procedure, which takes place prior to donor connection. ARM: 
■ Modifies the current product bag air removal and tubing set test sequence 
■ Reduces potential risk for air to be delivered to donor 
■ Reduces the number of operator steps in a procedure 

-Cell saver
- CardianBCT Trima Accel

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