About Axonom-Powertrak for Medical Companies
 Axonom is a leading provider of enterprise-level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) enhancement solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Axonom's Powertrak solutions for medical companies include Forecasting, Customer and Partner Portals, Contact Center, Product Configurator, Time and Billing, Mobile, and Service Manager.
Powertrak solutions give each user, in every department in the company, one sure path to efficiently service, support and extend the customer experience. Simply, Powertrak speeds up all customer interactions, gets rid of paperwork, accepts payments and maintains the best relationships.
Powertrak Highlights
Automate Lead/Deal Management
  • Streamline partner processes - Eliminate hassles associated with routine tasks such as lead registration, pipeline management, and tracking customer account information.
  • Streamline service processes - Eliminate hassles associated with the most routine service requests such as viewing case status, viewing order and shipping status, and tracking customer account information.
  • Reduce costs - Increase the speed of delivery of key business information to partners without the added expense of taking numerous calls and email requests.
  • Increase the speed of customer service - Contact information your customers need is available 24/7 in a customer portal format that encourages self-service.

Improve Customer and Partner Service

  • Streamlined Case Intake - Rapid classification, auto-assignment, multi-channel handling and asset-level logging in one screen.
  • Consolidate Incidents into a Master Case - Eliminate duplicate work and control outbound communication.
  • Full Web Partner/Customer Self-help - Both partners and customers can manage their incidents, with optional support for RMA and field service issues.
  • Multi-dimensional Partner, Account and Contact Level Incident Control - Show where incidents are coming from and help you allocate resources.

Tailored Quoting and Ordering Functions

  • Definable Product & Shopper Dimensions - Add prices, pictures, visual help, logos, special deals and track key buyer attributes in a simple, web-based administration tool.
  • Web-based for 24/7 Selling - Order and quotes are always available, running from anywhere with no training required.
  • Accurate and Simple - Supports both complex configurations and standard product ordering in one familiar "web shopping" interface.
  • Integrated to CRM & ERP - Linked to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems to avoid duplication, streamlines account management and shorten delivery cycles.

Forecasting and Demand Planning

  • Multiple Forecasting Capabilities for Sales, Finance & Production - With unlimited forecast versions, you can keep financial, sales, and production versions of the same revenue forecasts to manage and motivate.
  • Detail down to Account and Product - Drill through flexible territories down to the individual account and product SKU level by time period for key accounts.
  • Definable Dimensions & Calendar - Add visual cues such as cities, zip codes, product types and more to make the forecast as easy to work with as possible. Set up flexible periods in a simple web-based administration tool.

Powertrak on Mobile Devices

  • Simple Mobile Access - Supports Windows Mobile, Treo Blazer and Blackberry browser-equipped devices.
  • Keep your PC in the case - No more airport boot-ups and hassles finding power. Handle lookups, leads, pipeline management, service requests, time and more.
  • Time and Expense Entry - Saves time, cuts training costs and keeps data entry simple and accurate

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