Integrated Medical Marketing

Since 1985, the professionals at MMT Inc. have been delivering life changing, life support solutions to hospitals, surgery centers, and healthcare providers so they in turn can use these tools to help their patients.
We have shared these solutions with key regional distributors and have partnered with hundreds of manufacturers, helping them get their technology to market in a safe and effective manner.
We have a unique perspective on how the medical industry functions, and how these diverse stakeholders interact. For MMT, our inspiration is to bring common sense ideas, the right technological tools, and integrate them with your business ecosystem to help you achieve your strategic goals and deliver bottom line results.
Are you a foreign or U.S. medical device manufacturer that would like to sell your product in the largest medical market in the world? We have the experience to help companies like yours successfully launch... learn more

Latest Press Release

Skytron Launches Visual Healthcare Quoting and Configuration with Powertrak 3D Product Configurator
Oct 20, 2016 - Skytron Launches Visual Healthcare Quoting and Configuration with Powertrak 3D Product ConfiguratorVisually design hospital environments and medical products with Powertrak 3D Product Configurator.Minneapolis, MN- October 20, 2016 Axonom, a global provider... [read more]

Symbio CS1201 Code ECG Simulator

Symbio 12 Lead Simulator CS1201- NEW CONDITION!Symbio makes an excellent heart rhythm simulator for ACLS training.  Connect the simulator directly to your 12 lead defibrillator/monitor or external pacer to safely simulate all typical cardiac arrhythmia.  The CS12 simulates fibrillation, tachycardias, ST segment elevation and others. Features:ECG Waveforms - VF, VT-HI, VT-LO, T...

MMT 2D/3D Operating Room Dynamic Configurator

An advanced product configurator solution for multi-channel organizations needing to provide internal sales, external partners and customers with tailored quoting and ordering functions.Features traditional guided selling, sales quoting, 2D/3D visual and interactive product configurations, and eCommerce(shopping cart) functionality to streamline the quote-to-order processes for businesses that sell make-to-order, assemble-to-order,...

GE Versamed iVent 201 Disaster Preparedness Model

Brand new GE Vesamed iVent 201 Disaster Preparedness Model. Over 30 in stock. Please call for additional volume discounts for orders over 10 units. One year warranty.      The iVent 201 can be used with an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. Seamlessly transfer patients between leak-tolerant and invasive models without having to...

Penlon Prima 450 Anesthesia Machine

Like new. Complete with ventilator, absorber, scavenger, 2 vaporizers, and hoses. Can ship immediately.

Cardian BCT Trima Accel Blood Collection System

CARIDIAN (Terumo) BCT Trima Accel Blood collection system- Version 6.0 - Used unit, excellent condition. Some minor paint blemishes on display bezel.-Simple, easy to use and quick to setup-25-40% shorter procedure times than comparable apheresis devices-Single-needle procedures for a more comfortable donation experience-Units fully refurbished and checked out by our...

Hauge Airway-Medium Size 10/box

The Hauge Airway is designed for simplicity and ease of use for most conscious sedation cases. The anatomically correct profile provides an immediate patent airway without stimulating a gag reflex. The Hauge Airway provides enough width to keep the tongue anterior in the oropharynx to ensure airway patency. Multiple applications...

IMIX 2000 Digital Radiography System

The IMIX 2000 is a digital radiology acquisition system. This is a fully functional patient ready device. Installed in single doctor practice office in 2009. The unit is in EXCELLENT condition and is available for immediate shipment. Very low usage. Standard features:-Patient Identification-Digital x-ray image production-Viewing of digital x-ray images-X-ray generator-Digital...

ExTT Perineometer Biofeedback Kegel Exerciser

The worlds first 3-Function/4 Channel Technology Perineometer What is a Perineometer??   It is a device for diagnosis and correction of incontinence and impotency in women by measuring the voluntary pressure of the muscles around the vagina.   First Function: Self Examination/ Measurement Measurement of Squeezing Pressure Measurement of Resting Pressure Measurement of Squeezing Duration time 2nd...

Viasys Vela

Viasys Vela Comprehensive    VIASYS Vela (Comprehensive) Modes and Options: % O2 , 100% O2, FiO2 monitor, Nebulizer, Inspiratory Hold, Expiratory Hold, Assist/Control, SIMV, CPAP, Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Basic Waveform, Graphics, PRVC/Vsync, NPPV, Leak Compensation, Loops, Trends, MIP/NIF, Square Waveform, APRV/BiPhasic, Assured Volume Each unit includes an equipment stand, Flow Sensor,...

NIX MMT Memory Care Motion Sensitive Digital Reminder Frame w/Custom Software

10.1 inch custom Digital Reminder Frame for early to mid stage Alzheimers patients. Strategically placed around the home, they toggle on automatically when you enter the room through an embedded motion sensor. The concept is to provide the Alzheimer patient, visual cues, and help them with the activities of daily living.  Frames can...
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